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Deep Learning

A class of ML algorithms that uses multiple layers to progressively extract higher-level features from big data.


Text To Software (T2S) is our leading product. Text to Software reads text and makes apps.


We build and sell a wide variety of applications using Text to Software.

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Our Team

David is a business leader with 20 years of experience in ICT, currently running SageTea Inc as CEO. His previous background includes design of software architectures, project management, real time / control systems, communications/military, ICT, e-government and web development. He has worked at Merrill Lynch, Dell, Honda Canada and Government of Canada. David invented SageTea's unique and powerful system for database management.
David Long
Celestin recently completed the Cyber Security course at Willis College an Ottawa-based college that is a leader in the Cyber Security field. In addition to being part of our Cyber Security Team, Celestin is also the Social Media Development Leader of our Marketing Team.
Celestin Sungura
Sales & Marketing
Mark McNab
Senior Software Developer
Meet is a computer engineer having 3.5 years of experience as a software developert. Meet has developed many Android applications that are currently available on Google Play.
Meet Vora
software developer
Before joining SageTea in 2012, Scott spent over 20 years providing change management and organizational development services for clients in the public, private and not-for profit sectors. Scott has a B.A (Economics) from Queens University at Kingston, an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a certificate in Adult Education from St Francis Xavier University.
Scott MacGregor
Tim Rowledge is the Chief Technology Officer for SageTea Software. Tim comes with years of experience as Project Lead, Architect and Manager of complex projects. He has World-class expertise and has been side by side with some of the greatest leaders in the high tech industry. He worked on one of the ancestors to the iPad, at the Active Book Company (1980), where he worked to produce the first commercial version of Alan Kay's Dynabook concept. Alan Kay's original PhD thesis (1969) defined much of what we think of as personal computers as well as the basis for Object Oriented Programming. Tim Rowledge still shares ideas with Alan Kay today.
Tim Rowledge

About SageTea Software

SageTea Inc. is a privately controlled IT company in Ottawa, Canada that has been in business for ten years. SageTea specializes in customized software tools and services for the Canadian Government as well as for national and international clients through its distribution partners. SageTea’s core product, Text-to-Software®, is a unique, patented system for developing customized software. The company has had major design wins with the Canadian federal government and successful solutions delivered in the Health Care and Warehousing industries.
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