SageTea Business Intelligence

SageTea Business Intelligence is a feature that is included with Text to Software. It’s purpose is to import data from a variety of databases for use with applications built using Text to Software. SageTea Business Intelligence is designed to read data from different sources without modifying it. If you need to be able to read and write data then the product which you will need is SageTea Link.

SageTea Business Intelligence supports reading data from Excel, text files including .CSV and a variety of other formats, ODBC, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

For Excel users, our BI feature has the following competitive advantages:

  • All imported data is stored in an open SQL format that makes it easy to access and is always readily available no matter what vendor you choose now or in the future
  • Its easy to integrate data with one of our pre-built applications or make your own using Text to Software
  • SageTea’s business rules and data manager are easier to use than Excel formulas including a powerful set of queries that make reporting much more scalable than Excel
  • Legacy processes built using Excel are easily mapped to form new cloud based workflows that will be adopted much more readily by your end users
  • Unlike other Excel based migration tools, you aren’t limited to a narrow set of outcomes such as only financial intelligence or reporting. Text to Software enables an unlimited array of important processes including corporate compliance, standards, document control, lifecycles, e-commerce, development and lots more.

SageTea Business Intelligence is compatible with all of our products and includes add on capabilities such as mobile, desktop and artificial intelligence.